Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thomas Sabo black cat charm

If you remember my posting previously about Thomas Sabo, I have wanted to buy their charm bracelet for the longest time and yesterday with the company of my old friend, E, I finally bought the bracelet with the cat charm!! Yeah!!

I went into Thomas Sabo boutique at Raffles City shopping centre after lunch with E and tried on the bracelet with the black cat charm. Actually wanted to tell the sales assistant that I will think about it and got a scolding from E. She said every time when we meet up and there is a Thomas Sabo boutique around, I will always step in, looked around and leave empty handed. Since I really like it so much, I should just get it! So yes, I finally bought it!!! Love love it!

Now I am kind of regretting not getting the lucky charm at the same time as the white pearl of lucky charm went so damn well with the black cat charm. Thinking if I should get it tomorrow...... Lol

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