Thursday, July 7, 2011

Illamasqua blusher in Lover and Unrequited

Illamasqua is another brand of makeup that is unavailable in Singapore. Good thing INTERNET exists in our time and age that there is such a thing as ONLINE SHOPPING.

You can be sure to get pigmented and high quality products when you purchase from Illamasqua. In fact, I was afraid to try out their products as I have always like makeup that is sheer and natural. But needless to say, I caved in anyway and absolutely love their blushers.

I only owned 2 of Illamasqua blusher, Lover and Unrequited. One thing about their blushers is that it comes in matte finish which initially quite turn me off as I always prefer my blusher to have slight shimmer.

Illamasqua blusher Unrequited (left) and Lover (right)

Unrequited is a soft baby pink which not only look lovely in the pan, it also gives a glow on the face that makes you feel kawaii. Lover, on the other hand is a peach coloured blusher which gives a healthy glow when applied on your cheeks.

One thing to note about Illamasqua blushers is that they are heavily pigmented, thus you have to apply it with a light hand. With my usual MAC powder blusher, I usually had to use my Shu retractable brush to swirl 2 rounds in the pan before application to get a subtle colour on my cheeks. With Illamasqua, I can only lightly dap my brush in the pan, tap off any excess before brushing it on. Any heavier, I will end up looking like the latest clown in town.

If you are keen in trying Illamasqua products, you can easily purchase it online. Delivery is made to most countries at a flat shipping rate of GBP8.50. Happy shopping!

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