Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LUSH Mint Julip Lip Scrub

I have always made it a point to exfoliate my face once a week to prevent breakouts but I have never scrub my lips before. Thus on and off, I do find lipsticks not able to rest well on my lips as there is a layer of dead skin on the surface. As such, when preparing my LUSH shopping list, I made it a point to include a lip scrub in it!

One thing I have to say, this scrub is YUMMY. Yes, you heard me, YUMMY................. After gently rubbing it on my lips, my lips felt minty and cooling and when my tongue touches bits of the scrub, it actually taste sweet and chocolatey.

After the scrubbing, now my lips are baby smooth again, yeah!!!! And all it takes is a small little pea size of scrub so this small little jar will go a long way. :)

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