Sunday, July 10, 2011

The lost side of Singapore

While walking around Club Street, Ah Moy Street, and Telok Ayer Street  after our desserts at P.S Cafe, S brought us along the neighbourhood with the intention of helping me to look for this chocolate shop called Truffs, recommended by my baker friend, Charmaine.

Truffs is situated along Telok Ayer Road, on the 2nd floor of a shophouse. When we step to the unit (which looks more like a kitchen), we have completely no idea what to ask the lady who was in the shop (who happen to be in the midst of making a chocolate cake). We can't tell if they are selling chocolates only, or also selling cakes or what not but the lady was nice enough to attend to us and asked if we are interested in trying their hand-made chocolate truffles (with 55%, 66% and 70% cocoa). Me and BC tried the 55% chocolate truffle which is not too sweet with slight bitter taste from the cocoa, which gives a nice fusion of sweet and bitter taste in the mouth. S tried the 70% truffe which he finds too strong. We ended up buying 9 55% truffles for $25. Quite expensive in my opinion but It's hand-made truffles so that really add to the factor of novelty. The lady who attended to us, whom I assumed is 1 of the owner told us they are renovating the unit next door to be a cafe and due to open next month.

As we walk along the streets around the area, I really like the architecture of the shophouses. It seems to bring me to a time without the current scene of tall highscrapers all around. Not to mention that since it is weekend, there is no crowd and we can comfortably walk around slowly and enjoy the scenery we are seeing.

Shophouses with the nostalgic feel versus the cold tall skyscraper

Some of the shophouses chose to retain the olden feel of the architecture in this area by not renovating the whole unit, inside out. This unit is an example who chose to retain the old tiles on the exterior which brings me to the times of the show 'The Little Nonya'.

This picture is something very random but we found it so interesting to have this bench built for basic convenience. Not to mention the thoughtfulness by adding a fan above it since Singapore is getting super hot these days.

Compared to walking along Orchard Road where we were squashed by mountains and mountains of people, this area is so serene. The best part is it is very self sufficient as well. There are book stores, convenience stores, cafes, bars, restaurants. reflexology centres and many more. These is truly a lost side of Singapore that many of us forgot and still existed.


  1. u went!!:):) aiyah....up to today, i still haven't got the chance to head there! was e kitchen nice? i M.U.S.T. go there soon...maybe when the cafe's open!;)

  2. yah, my fren who was staying around tanjong pagar helped us hunt down the place. The kitchen looks like those commercial kitchen we saw on cooking show! very neat but it doesn't have any displays and all, so i am not sure what they are selling also, haha.

    the choc truffles is not bad though, taste DIFFERENT from those cheap commercial chocs.

    the owners look very young, like late 20s max!


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