Monday, July 4, 2011

Hatched again!

Me and BC had such an enjoyable breakfast at Hatched during his birthday a few months ago and I have always been bugging him that I want to go back for breakfast again and we finally made it there again!!! Yeah!!!

As per the previous time, we called to make a reservation since we do not like to wait long for our breakfast. I already had in mind to try something different from what we tried previously (Hitched Me Up) and was already busy browsing through the menu the moment we were brought to our table.

I settled for 'El Chorizo' which comes with scrambled eggs (my favourite) and spicy chorizo sausages, grilled tomato with pesto sauce, toast and a small scoop of home made mashed potato.

BC ordered the single portion of Hitch Me Up which is called 'Usual Suspects'. BC chose his egg to be sunny side up and opt for sausages and adding extra bacon. It also came with baked beans and toasts. This man sure knows how to make his breakfast hearty! lol.
After eating El Chorizo for about 10 minutes, I kind of regret getting this as the sausages were really spicy. And because it was cooked together with the scrambled eggs, it made my favourite and usual super duper tasty scrambled eggs spicy as well. If the sausages were the usual sausages in BC's breakfast, I am sure I would enjoy it as much as before. The mashed potato is not very smooth but soft which is fine with me and the sauce is nice with a sour, salty taste (I suspect it is made from sour cream).

But well, this is not going to deter me from coming back again because I want to try other stuffs from their menu! The couple sitting next to us were having banana pancakes and the pancakes look fluffy and yummy!!!!

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