Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (#4 Pulp Fiction)

For the longest time, I have read 1001 raves about Giorgio Armani (GA) Eyes to Kill eyeshadows. They are creamy, long lasting and the colour pigmentation is super impressive. Unfortunately for us in Singapore, we do not have a GA counter here. But thanks to SPREES, I managed to join in a spree to get GA from USA while they were having 20% discount promotion!!! Yuppiessss.......

There has been a lot of beauty blogs which shows swatches of these lovely eyeshadows and I am truly spoilt for choices. Much as I would love to get more of them, I had to be rational and I told myself I should only get 1. I am torn between #3 Purpura (purple with a mix of gold) and #4 Pulp Fiction (grey with mix of pink shimmers) and I actually placed order for #3 Purpura and indicated in the event it is not available to get #4 Pulp Fiction. And lucky me, I was one of the 5 or 6 ladies who placed order and got #4 Pulp Fiction (as the rest of the shades were unavailable!).

I am not sure how to describe the texture of this eyeshadow as it is just like loose pigments (in fact some of the pigments came out of the jar in the midst of delivery from USA to me) but when swatch, it felt smooth like gel / cream. I will not be posting pictures of the swatch since I do not have a decent camera to properly capture the colour but you can definitely google and get directed to many beauty bloggers who had posted wonderful review of this eyeshadow.

I am quite sure I am not stopping at 1 for this range of eyeshadows but I guess the nearest to get from will be HK or Taiwan? Hmm....... anyone going there soon? :)


  1. me! i'm sure u wrote that thinkin of me right??? haha

    but i'm going to hkg only end of August.. for a short few days trip. gonna be a mad rush i think but i'm flying in on sunday afternoon so i have a few hours to get my shopping fix!

    gonna go shopping for clothes there, and i think i'll b staying near causeway bay where times square is nearby, so should b able to check out the cosmetics counters there for u if time permits! :D

  2. ok, i will let you know again! thanks for offering once again :)


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