Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harry Potter

BC was asking me a few days ago whether I wanted to watch the finale of Harry Potter. He mentioned that he found it strange that I have yet to bug him to watch the movie after 2 weeks and he has been wondering why. Perhaps because I already knew the ending after reading the book or perhaps the wait has been too long, the excitement is just not there anymore.

Weird huh? I think humans are so strange. Strange that after waiting for too long or getting too comfortable for a while that things starts to be monotonous or cold? No more excitement........ But again, back to Harry Potter, I am definitely going to watch it. In fact, I told BC let's watch it this weekend after a nice breakfast at Hatched (Yes! AGAIN!). Lol. I think I am looking forward more to the breakfast at Hatched than the movie! I think I am getting weird!


  1. Nice! I can't find any buddies to watch Harry Potter here... addicted to Hatch?

  2. Is Harry Potter not a huge thing in Denmark? I have friends whining that they have yet to watch it! Haha.

    Yeah, love the food at Hatched!

  3. i don't know if it was just me, but the final instalment of Harry Potter somehow just wasn't that great. but i've heard about some people saying it's good though. or maybe being in a severely jetlagged state i just couldn't enjoy it haha..


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