Saturday, July 9, 2011

P.S Cafe

After meeting up with 2 of my friends, S and L, together with BC for lunch at People's Park Food Centre, we were thinking of a place to have some coffee and desserts. S who stay in the area of Tanjong Pagar near Club Street, suggested for us to check out P. S Cafe, which opened it's newest branch at Ann Siang Hill.

Ann Siang Hill is truly a nice place to open a cafe with nice ambience and food. Situated at the top of Ann Siang Hill, P.S Cafe has 3 storeys open to customers. The ground level is a small bar area which is more ideal for drinks and desserts whereas the 2nd and 3rd floor has nice seatings and tables for meals. Even though we are only there for coffee and desserts, the staff is kind enough to allow us to a table on 2nd floor. According to S, the 3rd floor has a superb view in the evening with the lightings and nice scenery. I should really try it one day.

The cafe has very nice deco with some Victorian theme kind of furnitures and they even paid details to the air con unit!!!
See the nice 'cage' they design to encase the air con!

Check out the cozy leather seats

P.S Cafe also uses nice flowers to 'dress' up the place to make it look warm and comfortable. I am not sure what plant is this but my first thought was it is fake. But when I came closer and touches it, it is real man! It also emit a light floral scent. They even placed  flowers in the ladies!!

The desserts were HUGE, I have to say. Which is why it justify a hefty price tag of $14.90++ for a slice of double chocolate cake with ice cream and $12.90++ for a slice of carrot cake with ginger slice.
From left to right: Double Choc cake with ice cream and Carrot cake with ginger slices

Another reason why the hefty prices were justifiable, the tasty is HEAVENLY............. The choc cake is dense and soft with rich chocolate taste that is rich and yet doesn't make you feel sick. It goes wonderfully well with the scoop of vanilla ice cream (which is a fool-proof formula). Carrot cake is so soft that with the dense layer of cream cheese on top, it looks like it was going to topple, like The Leaning Tower of Pisa!
We noticed from the orders of the customers sitting around us that the serving portion is huge........ Wow........ The burger is like 2 Big Mac stack on top of one another and the plate is also full of fries. Me and BC has already decided that we are so coming back for a meal again!

Another reason why I love this P.S Cafe???? See below.....................

You know what this means??? PEACE...........

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