Saturday, July 23, 2011

Changed review of LUSH sea vegetable soap

If you guys remembered, I reviewed LUSH Sea vegetable soap sometime back and was ranting on how much I disliked it. But after using it for about 3 weeks, I want to change my comments about this soap.

1 of the peeves I had about this soap was that it does not lather well. Well, I noticed it does not lather well in the first few uses, but after that it does foams up pretty normally. So I guess patience is virtue. Lol.

Although the scent does not lingers long on my skin after shower, it has a 'freshen me' effect on me especially in the recent hot and humid weather. Not beats having a nice cool shower which makes you feel that you just had a swim. I am starting to appreciate this scent....

It is definitely a nice change from some sweet, strong smelling shower gel and soap and I am definitely buying this again.

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