Monday, July 25, 2011

LUSH Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

In my recent LUSH haul, I also purchased Fresh Pharmacy cleanser to give it a try on my combination, sensitive skin with the monthly breakouts. Saw pretty good reviews about how some ladies got saved by this cleanser when nothing seems to help their skins with breakouts. Although as I aged, breakouts became more of a hormonal monthly affair, it still continues to bothers me as the whole popping to diminishing process can easily be 2 weeks, so I thought why not give this a try? Not too ex anyway.......

This cleanser comes in a bar form and honestly, I am not quite a fan of bar cleanser. Travelling with a bar cleanser can be a pain and the bar cleanser tend to turn mushy and disgusting looking after much use. So what I learnt from my experience with Ettusias bar cleanser was to cut up the soap in smaller pieces and use them bit by bit. This way, I can continue to keep the unused cleanser in my fridge and just use the small bit of the cut soap.

Fresh Farmacy contains calamine and camomile to sooth sensitive skin and coupled with rose water, tea tree and lavender oil, it helps to combat spots with their natural properties. Contrasting to Angel on Bare Skin cleanser, Fresh Farmcy lather up!!! I love FOAMS. The smell might not be enticing to some as there is a strong calamine scent but it is still acceptable to me. I also notice a slight minty cooling feel on my skin after wash, and this could be due to calamine as well.

I love how my skin feels after the wash; clean and not squeaky clean to cause tightness and discomfort. Makes me feel clean in the certain horrible hot and humid weather here. As it might be a bit stronger than Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser, I am currently rotating these 2 cleansers: Clarins for day use (since my skin is not so oily and tired) and LUSH Fresh Farmacy for night use (after coming back home after a day of sweat and dirt) and so far it works pretty well. :)

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