Friday, July 22, 2011

Those were the days....

Like a mother, I also like to look back at the pictures when my kitties were much smaller and younger and think about how excited I was when I first adopted them and look at how much they had grown since then. To be honest, when they were growing, they grew by the week! Each week when my part time cleaner comes over, she will comment that Eden or Titus seems to have grown bigger.

Can you imagine Eden was this (the one on the left) when we just got her?

Now look at our princess Eden now.........
She has certainly grown so much!!!

Thinking back, they have brought us much happiness and of course frustration after coming into our lives and it has really been an enriching 4 years plus having them around. I do not even wanna think what will happen if they leave us one day....... *touch wood*

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