Saturday, February 12, 2011

People who doesn't follow directions

I am always amazed by how some people behaves at the taxi stand. You might be thinking, what is so amazing about it? Just a bunch of people queueing only. But...... you seriously will be amazed by the following people......... For a better illustration, please refer to the picture below...

1) Non movers
The beginning of the queue is always at the point where the red X is for the simple reason it is next to taxi bay 1 where drivers will drive in. However, when the 1st passenger in line got up the cab, some people who are in number 2 of the queue just do not move forward to the red X. I have noticed this a few times where a few taxis came and gone (with the passengers boarding it) and yet I am still not moving forward!!! This is because the people who were queueing and next in line to board the next coming cab is still standing at the same spot which can easier be 1 metres away from the red X.

2) People who are direction idiots
I am not sure if all taxi stands have painted arrows on the ground that shows where and how to queue, but I do see taxi stands with these arrows. Another phenomenon I noticed is if the yellow arrows were not painted on the ground, people becomes directionless and start queueing in the most absurd way. I once saw a queue that extends from the red X towards the left side! Yes, away from the taxi stand....... Doesn't it makes sense to queue along the taxi bays and under the shelter of the taxi stand? What are these people thinking??? And the best part comes when people are queueing the wrong way EVEN THOUGH there WERE ARROWS PAINTED ON THE FLOOR!!! They blind or what????

3) The 'taxi' which boarding fare is not $2.80 or $3.00
These are the cars that comes to pick up their friends or families but hoard a bay while waiting for whoever they are supposed to pick up to arrive. For God's sake, there is a PICK UP BAY! Don't hoard the place at taxi stand!

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