Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog's Story

With the free viewing of all channels on Starhub cable, I was able to watch 'Hachiko: A Dog's Story'. I know I have previously posted that I do not want to watch this show because I know I will be crying my eyes off this show. But since it was showing on TV, JUST WATCH LAH!

As many of you have already known the true story behind this show, it talks about the undying loyalty of a dog named 'Hachiko' to his owner. So loyal is he that even after the demise of his owner, he still waits for him at the train station where he will take the train to work and back. Hachi waited for 10 years after the death of his owner and he eventually also died at the station, while waiting for his owner.

I tell you, this show is damn touching and sad lor!!! I was crying all the way when the owner acted by Richard Gere died all the way until the show ended. The sadness and sorrow in the dog's eyes when he did not see his beloved owner day after day, how he 'escaped' from the owner's daughter's place to run back to the original house he was staying in and finding out it was sold after the death of the owner (when strangers are moving into the house), to the daughter letting Hachi making his own choice to stay with her or leave, to Hachi sleeping near the railway stations beneath stationery trains so that he can wait and see his owner again really touches our heart. This is what we meant when we say that a dog will love us unconditionally........ Their loyalty just surpasses anything and everything.....

Whether you are an animal lover or not, you will need tissue papers while watching this show, I guarantee you..... I have used up 10 pieces of tissue paper just watching the last 30mins of the show!

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