Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's A Great Great World

I was on leave yesterday, (YUPPIE!!!!) and suggested we catch a movie since he bought some GV movie vouchers at $6 each and they are expiring in end March. We just caught 'Green Hornet' last Saturday (which I blog in another post) so he suggested 'It's A Great Great World'. One thing about BC is he likes to support local production because he always say we are Singaporeans and should support local production. So patriotic hor? Haha.

But well, this is a good choice because I totally enjoyed the movie and even has intention to sponsor my parents to this movie because I know they will truly love it!!!

The story is set in Singapore in the 1940s where Great World Amusement Park is like the 'IN' place for 'pak tok', shopping and spending family time (since they do not have TV sets during that time). There isn't a main lead in the show because they are talking about different characters who work in Great World Amusement Park but it is extremely heartwarming perhaps because Singapore has evolved to be so advanced that people becomes very cold?

I was actually tearing in 1 scene in the show and it was a wedding banquet whereby friends and relatives come together to celebrate a couple's wedding. It also happen to be the day that Japanese started their attack in Singapore during WWII. The crews in the restaurants were still giving in their 110% (in fact I think more like 200%) to provide excellent food and services so that the couple can always have sweet memories of their wedding. How sweet and heart warming is that?

I would definitely encourage my friends to watch this movie, even though it is set in my parents' era....... Because it has a Singapore identity to it. However, just to give a headsup, most audience might be 'Ah Gong' and 'Ah Ma' and they might also be singing to 'Cha Cha Bo' in the movie, but this just shows that they are truly enjoying the show!

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