Saturday, February 19, 2011


As I lie on my old bed at my parents' place now and blogging away on my iPhone, a sense of nostalgic came back to me.

I remembered when we first shifted over, I couldn't sleep well as staying in a 3 room flat means that my room that I shared with my sisters is along the corridor. The sound of traffic on the road, children crying or playing and even the tinkling sound from the neighbour's keys when they open the door becomes so distinct at night. Here I am again, listening to these once familiar sounds as I try to fall asleep, I do not find it noisy at all but on the contrary, soothing and calming...... I guess this is the feeling of a home.

It's a pity that both my 2 sisters are still out on their dates now if not I'm sure we will be chatting away until my mum comes over and nag us to sleep early (just like old times). BC mentions that he feels it is cramped for the 3 of us to share a small room previously but we are so used to it that we somehow managed to have our own individual space with the confined limited space we had and share whatever space we had to share. I kindof miss them now I am sleeping in the room alone until they come back at the wee hours.

This is the difference between a home and house. A home is anywhere that your heart is and it doesn't matter if it's small or cramped. House is just a box like structure that we shelter away from the harsh weather outside, no feelings attached.

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