Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Direction

In the past, I have been blogging more on my personal thoughts as it was a private blog which I only invite a few of my friends to have access to. Lately, I have been thinking what is it that I want to post on my blog.

I love skincare and makeup but I do not have the cut to be a beauty blogger as I am usually not up to date with the latest collections. Not to mention that in terms of the amount of 'Vitamin M', it's not practical for me to keep up the trend on the latest makeup and skincare collections.

I love my cats to the max and that's why they will continue to be 1 of the content of my blog. After evaluating and considering, I have decided that I will keep my blog the way it has always been, with my random thoughts, my hobbies (movies, makeup, skincare, cats etc) and occasional sarcasms, ranting qnd ravings of the random events happen around me!

What say you?


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