Tuesday, February 8, 2011


While travelling for business in my ex company, I have this ang moh colleague who is quite picky about food. I think the correct term to use to describe her should be 'non adventurous'. She doesn't eat seafood and is extremely selective about asian food (but she love xiao long bao) and is more comfortable eating her usual ang moh food of burgers and fries. When I told her that BC also prefers western food like her, she strongly recommended that we must try out the food at Chili's. It has been almost 6 months after her recommendation and we finally went to Chili's at Tanglin Mall to give the food a try on the 2nd day of CNY.

1 thing that impressed me about Chili's was their service. We reached the restaurant at 11am, planning to have a brunch (we checked their website the night before to see if they will be open on the 2nd day of CNY) and realised that the opening hours is actually 1130am instead. Even though they were not opened, they offered to let us in and get us some water, in a way starting their business earlier than usual. I think it is a very good gesture since most restaurants would turn their customers away and tell them to come back later. However, we told them we would walk around and come back at 1130am instead so that they can go back and do the necessary before starting business for the day.

We came back at 1130am and was their 1st customers of the day. We were quite hungry already and ordered their nachos, some burger which comes in 4 bite size (I think it was called 'Big Mouth Burger') and a bite-size chicken meat which we can choose it to be with bone or boneless and a choice of 4 different type of sauces. We choose boneless (THE.........) and with this sauce that is tangy and abit sweet.

The portions were huge and we couldn't finish everything. 3 pieces of nachos were uneaten and 2 out of 4 of the burgers were not completed as well (we only ate the patties) but the food is good! Especially love the melted cheese on the nachos!!

Chili's has very nice table which I find 古色古香. Abit peranakan styled, in my opinion.
Our order (clockwise direction): Big Mouth Burger, Nachos, Bite Size chicken (which I forgot the name)

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