Thursday, February 24, 2011

倪安東 ~ Sorry That I Loved You

When I was chasing Taiwan's 超级星光大道 on Starhub cable, there will be some episodes whereby they will invite potential good singers (whether professional singers with albums or winners of some other contests) to come and 踢馆 and challenge the contestants. The purpose is to eliminate contestants who perform badly against these singers and also to push them to higher levels and not stay at their comfort zone during the contest.

One of the person who came and 踢馆 in one of the season is this guy called 倪安東 (I assume the english name is Anthony) and they named him 踢馆魔王 because although he did not receive any formal singing lessons (only sang in choir in church), he was able to sing very well and with a lot of feelings. Most contestants who PK-ed against him usually lost.

Anyway lately, I saw this MV of him singing on cable and I am not surprised that he is singing now given that he has gained so much popularity and publicity during the contest........

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