Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scrub & Mask

In addition to my normal cleansing, toning and moisturising in my usual skincare routine, I also make it a point to exfoliate and mask at least once a week. My personal experience when I do not exfoliate and mask at least once a week, I will start to have blackheads and pimples due to the buildup of the dead skin cells.

Given my sensitive skin, I always try to avoid harsh huge grains scrubs for fear of aggravating my skin and making it turn red and I found this wonderful gel exfoliator from Adonis when I have my facial there and I have been using it for 3 years now...... best exfoliator ever!

How it works is that we apply a thin layer of gel on my dry face and leave it for about 20 minutes. After which, massage the gel in circular motion and you will be able to feel granula stuffs coming out and these are the dead skin! I will always massage for 1 - 2 minutes until I do not feel any more 'grains' forming before rinsing my face. You can feel that your skin is much smooth and brighter immediately after using this product! 1 good alternative to this would be Cure Gel (available in Watson's).

Next step will be the mask. Before the popularity of sheet masks, I have always been using clay, wash off masks as my skin was oily and prone to pimples. Clay mask is able to absorb the oil and dirt and wash them away when we rinse our face to remove the dry up mask. But I always find it sooooo troublesome having to wash my face AGAIN and sheet mask is really a godsend. It's convenient and there are different types of masks for different skin concerns. The usual skin concern will be acne prone, dullness, oily skin, open pores and sagging complexion.

I have used different brands of sheet masks and to me, they are all ok. The Face Shop's lavender & neuroli and My Beauty Diary's lavender masks is especially effective in calming down the pimples when I have my monthly breakouts. These masks are usually more expensive in Singapore so I tend to buy them online or stock up when I have friends travelling to Korea or Taiwan as it is easily 50% cheaper!!!

So what is your favourite scrub or masks? Share them with me!!!

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  1. im using Origins' scrub & masks (Origins' supporter but will slowly switch to other brands soon :P)

    Scrub - Modern Friction (looking for alternative to replace this after 2nd purchase)

    Masks - Clear Improvement (Charcoal mask - very good mask to clear pores), Drink up Intensive (Overnight hydration mask), Out of trouble (apply on acne area), You're getting warmer (wonder Y origins stop selling it now as in I love it could gently clear dead cells & my skin feels warm upon application)

    Usually I would wait for Chrismas mask set coz I can have 3 different masks at the same time in smaller size(Clear improvement, Drink up intensive/ drink up mask & out of trouble). You can do the same :)


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