Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jill Stuart Mook

I have been 1 lucky gal whereby I am always able to find friends with same interests as me wherever I go. T, shares the same makeup and skincare fetish as me and in the current company, I found L who has the same fetish as me for Jill Stuart! How cool is that!!! And thanks to L, she helped me to grab this limited quantity Jill Stuart mook from Kinokuniya. Thank you L!!!

This is actually my VIRGIN mook as I have not bought mook due to the price tag. They are easily 20 - 30 bucks and the 'gift' that came with it might not look fantastic also (although there are those that comes with good quality bags / charms etc etc). So anyway, I totally love Jill Stuart's pretty and princessy packaging and the typical sweet Japanese colours to create the kawaii look (A pity it is not in Singapore and I hope they do come over soon), and L has been asking me a few times if I want it if she goes Kinokuniya. After asking me a few times, I caved in, especially when I saw how sweet the pouch is.

The cosmetic pouch that comes with it is excellent for traveling and it has slots for brushes and pockets to keep the skincare and makeup. Love Jill Stuart signature charm!!

The mook shows the products that they had and also showing the looks that can be achieved using the different Jill Stuart products.

How to resist not buying their stuffs when all look so sweet and pretty!!!!!

Their packaging is more than enough to make one cave in to them and not to mention their quality is pretty good.
 PS: Pardon the lousy pics as it was taken with iPhone.


  1. aiyah you shd hv told me! I think i might hv seen this in tokyo bcos they hv a lot of mooks! and i think it's prob cheaper than in sg too.

    but the pouch is so sweet!!

    i bot 2 mooks with bags from fred perry. will post them up when i take their pictures!

  2. Haha, it's ok cos I am not a mook follower until my colleague told me abt this Jill Stuart one which I totally cannot resist!!!

    Yah, post your Fred perry one!!!


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