Monday, February 21, 2011


There is always something touching about attending a wedding. Maybe it is the atmosphere of love and happiness that makes you feel touched and so in love again.

I attended BC's cousin's wedding solemnization ceremony at a temple yesterday morning and honestly I was quite curious if the Justice of Peace is a monk!!! And after waited for 1 hour for the ceremony to start (typical start late Singapore style), the Justice of Peace arrived and is actually a young man. I like the style of this Justice of Peace as he saw that most of the relatives are elders who most likely can only understand Mandarin thus he gave his opening speech in Mandarin and the rest in english.

He gave a very meaningful speech reminding all who are married why is it we got married in the first place. And 1 thing I remembered very clearly was when he mentioned that couples are always lovey dovey during dating days but after marriage, we can argue over the most insignificant thing in relation to our home. I find it so true especially after living with BC because it is just not easy for 2 individuals to get used to staying together and getting used to each other habits.

When BC and myself attended Catholic Engaged Encounter, the priest kept reminding us there is NO perfect partner because whether that person is the perfect one for you is how you think of him to be. I totally agree with him because I admit that I am not a perfect wife to BC as well. Sometimes I throw tantrums and ki siao at him for no apparent reasons, expect him to know what I am thinking and even sometimes expecting him to get me stuffs and spend time with me when he is busy. But BC to date still can accept my nonsense, haha. I still believe a relationship is all about COMPROMISE. No one party can go on giving and giving or accepting and accepting because relationship doesn't work this way. On the contrary, it's GIVE & TAKE. You give some, you take some and the more you give, you will take back even more in future.

I know there will be people who think that I am dreaming because I will be a losing party in a relationship to think this way, but I pray that I will reap my rewards in this relationship in future and I know God will answer this prayer of mine.

PS: I am no love guru and everyone has their personal beliefs on how a relationship should be and I respect that. What I have posted here is just my personal opinion and belief.

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