Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things to look out for when organizing a gathering

I always have a love-hate relationship when it comes to family gathering. Of course, it feels great to see and catch up with my cousins and some of my closer aunts and uncles. But venue is always an issue. There is nothing more uncomfortable then a 'DIY sauna' place whereby there are a lot of people in 1 place and everyone feels uncomfortable and hot and stuffy.

I am not a guru in organizing home party but in the few that we had done so far, we always find it helpful to look into the following points to make sure everyone enjoys the party.

1) Right temperature
Honestly, Singapore is hot and humid enough. We do not need extra heat and humidity in a confined space and make everyone feels uncomfortable. In my experience, I will always switch on the air con in my place whenever we organize any party. Unless it is a small group of 5 - 7 pax or so and the weather is nice and windy, then we will only switch on the fan.

2) Feed them well
The first few parties we organize, it was quite embarrassing as we did not prepare enough food. Our friends ended up eating lesser than they usually would so that everyone will have enough!!! Ever since then, we always make sure we prepare extra and guests can have the option to 'tabao' later then feeling paiseh and eat lesser.

3) Enough seats
Always prepare enough seats (sofa, chairs, portable chairs etc) for your guests as guests will not feel comfortable mingling by just standing around.

4) Kids or no kids??
The menu to prepare if it's all adults vs adults and kids is also something to consider. With kids around, we might not want to prepare food that has too rich tastes. Extra food like chocolates or even simple toys or cartoon DVD might even help to occupy the kids while the adults chat.

5) Potluck?
As I only invite close friends or relatives over, sometimes it makes it easier to organize potluck. I know some people are particular of attending a party and still yet to bring food (they feel the host might not be sincere?) thus I only look at this option with people I am close with. The advantage of this option is a wide variety of food and we know for sure that the food that the person bring definitely is something this person will eat! On practical basis, it is also easier on the host! Lol.

The last party I had organized was the Xmas party last December and honestly it was tiring..... But it feels good to come together with your relatives and friends once a while just to catch up and know the happenings in their lives.


  1. I know the challenge and the stress yeah... Potluck sometimes works better, perhaps u wanna try bbq at night... its nice on nights with breeze! Love it and its 'u cook yr own food' right? less stress ^^

  2. For BBQ, we will hav to book a pit and logistics can b challenging also.


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