Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swiss Culture Cheese Fondue

My colleague, L has been CRAVING badly for cheese fondue for the longest time and we finally made our way to try it! I have never eaten cheese fondue before and was told that it was a pot of melted gruyere and emmental cheese with some white wine. I always see cheese fondue in movies but never got around to trying it thus I just have to try it when L suggested.

We headed to Swiss Culture at Suntec City Level 3 with another colleague and my hub and I was surprised that the restaurant is actually pretty small. All customers are seated OUTSIDE of the shop but there is a nice country ambience to this place as we get to enjoy live singing from a singer who is singing inside the shop. So we HAD to order their recommended cheese fondue (since this is why we were here for!!) with bread and a plate of vegetables. We also ordered a plate of mixed grill and chicken wings on the side to share.

A pot of nice melted cheese!

Mixed grill on the side to share, yummy

There are no restriction to what u can or cannot dip in the cheese fondue so we were practically dipping any food on our table (bread, veg, mix grills) into the cheese so as not to waste any single bit of it! And man, it was sinful but super satisfying........ Just as we thought we are done and cannot swallow anymore (FYI, the cheese fondue was 99% completed), the men on the table suggested chocolate fondue for dessert!!! These boys have sweet tooth!!!

The whole experience of dining at Swiss Culture is very enjoyable. The food was great, the people were fun and the service at the restaurant was decent, friendly and prompt. I would definitely recommend this place to any of my friends who would like to try their cheese fondue! 


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