Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let Me In

Weekend comes and it our DVD fix again! Movies are getting so expensive now that we can't afford to go once a week like before.

BC and myself are usually quite interested in vampire shows such as 'Blade' trilogy and this time round, we chose the DVD 'Let Me In' which tells the story of a 12 year old boy developing a friendship with a vampire girl who looks like his age but has been at that age for ages.

Honestlty, I find it a weird show. Weird that it is not scary nor exciting and the friendship that developed between the 2 main characters evolve to some what like a romantic relationship. There were bloody scenes typical of a vampire show but it was still acceptable and I do not see myself hiding behind my cushion most of the scene and that means it is not scary. Lol.

To a certain extent, I am not sure if the vampire child really fell for this young boy or does she just need someone who get 'food' for her eventually which is why I felt confusing about how the movie was heading. What I hate about this movie is the filming style as there were alot of closeup scenes which we could not really tell what is going on and also the whole show is always dark (which on hindsight made sense since vampire cannot come out in daylight).

I am glad we only rented a DVD to watch this show as it definitely does not warrant paying a hefty price to watch it on the big screen.

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  1. Yeah, movies aren't worth paying for if they're B or C class. But then again, going to the movies for sweet popcorn is so worth it.


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