Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Customer service quality in Singapore

I'm not sure how many of you are particular about customer service quality but I personally get peeved when I am spending money and in turn getting lousy customer service. Just this afternoon, me and T were just chatting about random makeup stuffs (AGAIN!) and she was considering whether to get MAC Wonder Woman Collection from Tangs today on their launch or wait till next week when it is launched in other outlets so that she can patronise this wonderful SA who has been giving her excellent service. My reply to her was if she can wait, why not getting it from this wonderful SA.

If someone gives me good service, I feel happier and I will be more inclined to going back, buying from them again and in turn they get their commission from my purchase. It's the same concept of going back to a restaurant because their food is good. Many years ago when I was using alot of Clinique skincare and makeup, I always make sure I patronise the counter when my favourite SA is around. In fact, when she was transferred to other counters, I followed her! In exchange for my 'loyalty', not only did she continue to give me good service, she will always give me frank opinions about how skincare of other brands are better than Clinique and even giving me sample of products that I want to buy to 'tide' me over (for a while, of course) so that I can purchase what I needed when they are having special promotion! How good is that????

Of course, I do not deny that we usually develop this kind of 'friendship' with a SA by spending money at their counter but good service comes when you do not spend a single cent and they are STILL providing you with good service! For me, sometimes being a cheapo, I would like to ask for sample of products before deciding to buy or not. If a SA is generous to offer me a sample, I would usually ask for their name and make sure when I go back to buy the full size product, I only look for them. THEY DESERVE TO EARN MY COMMISSION.

On the contary, if I receive lousy service, no matter how hard up I am to buy the product (even knowing if I do not buy it there and then, I will lose my sleep), I will rather lose my sleep than giving them the pleasure of earning it. There are so many counters in Singapore, I can jolly well just go to another counter. On extreme cases, if the service is so damn lousy, I will not hesitate to lodge a complaint! I strongly believe that only with feedbacks from customers can a company properly identify the service quality of their staffs, training them to ensure their customers getting reasonable service.

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