Friday, March 11, 2011

Soup Restaurant

BC and I wanted to grab a late lunch last Sunday and he suggested Soup Restaurant while we were strolling in Jurong Point. He has cravings for their Samsui Chicken!!!

I love soups and Soup Restaurant does serve yummy soup (just as their name indicate) but this time round we did not order any soup as it's just the 2 of us, we might not be able to finish the food. So we ordered Samsui Chicken, Ah Gong Potato Leaves (with sambal chilli) and Claypot Beancurd.

Yummy Samsui Chicken came first, since the chicken was already pre-cooked. Just need to chop up the chicken and serve with ginger, cucumber and a plate of lettuce! I love wrapping the chicken and ginger with lettuce as the taste combination is just nice! Crunchy lettuce with soft chicken with ginger is yummy!!

Next that came up is Ah Gong Potato Leaves. We never fail to order this dish and Samsui chicken when we visit Soup Restaurant as these 2 seems to be their signature dishes. For non chilli eater, you can order Ah Ma Potato Leaves which does not have sambal chilli in it.

Next up is Claypot Beancurd and this is the first time we are trying it. It's basically braised beancurd in some seafood sauce. The sauce has a sweet seafood taste and goes very well with white rice. Nom nom.......

As we only had our lunch later than usual around 230pm, the restaurant was pretty empty except for us and another 2 tables of guests. Service was very prompt and fast and we were served with our 1st dish, Samsui Chicken within 5 minutes after placing our order. The remaining dishes stream out in less than 10 minutes as well!

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