Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo

After a movie at Marina Sqaure yesterday, it was about time to have a late lunch. Have heard about a number of decent japanese food eateries within Parco at Millenia Walk thus we decided to head there to take a look.

We decided to try out Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo as the prices seems to be most friendly (lol!!!) within $20 per pax. Interestingly, their rice bowl are quite cheap around $6 or so (which I find almost food court prices???). Of course, their size is also smaller but I find it a just nice size for me. BUT I did not eat rice bowl (although BC did) and I order their Tokyo Shouyu Ramen.

What is interesting about ordering their ramen is you can choose the following to your own preference:-
1) Flavour of soup (Light, Normal, Strong)
2) Amount of oil (None, Less, Normal, More)
3) Texture of noodles (Very hard, hard, normal, soft, very soft)
4) Onions or leeks? eggs? and something else that I cannot remember

I chose normal level for everything with less oil. However, the soup base still came a bit salty to me. Perhaps, the chicken stock base will be a better choice.

Tokyo Shouyu Ramen

Toppings for ramen: Slightly spicy beansprouts and raw chopped onions. Tried the beansprouts, was not bad.

BC ordered a minced chicken rice (that looks like Taiwan's ru rou fan) and teriyaki chicken and he likes it!!! I must try the rice the next round since it is $5 (if I remembered correctly!). Forgot to take a picture of the minced chicken rice but here is the teriyaki chicken....

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  1. Good food doesn't have to come with an expensive price tag!


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