Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken Hotpot

My bro-in-law has been a vivid fan of Chicken Hotpot as I always see him checking into this place on foursquare (what a good way to spy on people, haha!), so I have been thinking is the food really sooooo good???? Well, I finally has a chance to try this last Friday when I met my parents for dinner and WOW, it was good!!!

In case you have never tried Chicken Hotpot before, they basically have 3 types of dishes: Chicken (non spicy, mild spicy and spicy), Prawn (only spicy) and beef (cannot remember if they have the option of spicyness like chicken). How the dishes work is they are served in mini pots like below over a flame and it will always be warm. You can request for the servers to pour soup into the pot so you get a mini steamboat, nice right? Now, the best part is after you finish the food in the pot, you can get the server to replenish the soup and then you add extra ala carte dishes (ranging from $1.50 for a plate of veg to $3.50 for a plate of meat) to your soup. So you get an all new dish!!!

My parents and myself ordered a small pot of non spicy chicken and a small pot of prawns. And there were a lot of ingredients in it like cucumber and celeries in it which I totally like. After we added soup to the pot with prawns, it taste like we were having tom yum soup!!! Yum yum.

Yummy spicy prawn hotpot

The signature chicken hotpot, we had the non spicy version

The service of the staffs were very efficient. As we were queueing for a table, they already took our order and got it to the kitchen to prepare. After a short wait of about 5 - 10 minutes for our table and we got seated, our food arrived within 5 mins, how efficient is that? The staffs were always walking around to pour soup into the hotpot upon request of the customers so we do not have frustrating and unhappy customers.

Overall, this is an excellent dining experience with good food and good services, definitely a plus point. Try it if you have a chance, I think they have a branch at Novena Square 2 also.

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