Sunday, March 13, 2011


Not sure how many of you actually watched Glee, but if you haven't , YOU SHOULD. It's like my next favourite TV serial after 'Criminal Minds'. Erm, yes, they are of different genre but I cannot be watching psychos killing all the time right? I need music and comedy too, lol.

Anyway, for you out there who have yet to watch Glee, it's about a high school show choir preparing themselves for show choir competition. But each and every one of the members has issues of their own: sexuality, pre marital pregnancy, relationships and any other social issues that any high school students and even adults faced. Not only was the storyline close to what we faced in modern day society nowadays, the music were great. And for your information, the casts in the show DID SING all the music in the show. Just that they were pre recorded in a studio and lip sync-ed while they were filming. But man, I think they can sing, even it was pre recorded.

I did not managed to catch Season 1 consistently so it was quite a pity. Now I setting to 'Series recording' on my StarHub Hubstation to make sure that I don't miss any episodes of Glee Season 2. It's aired on Star World every Tuesday, 8.55pm. Catch it if you are interested!

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