Monday, March 14, 2011


After watching 'Invictus' on blu-ray yesterday, both me and BC agreed it is a very well done film. As with all Clint Eastwood's films, it evoke much emotions and after thoughts about the film which I really like about Eastwood's films.

If you are someone who do not understand why a bunch of men can sit down and watch 22 men running after a ball on a huge field, you will understand it after watching this film. And for once, I truly understand how a sport can bring a nation together especially a nation so scarred and separated by the system of  apartheid previously. I cannot imagine the pressure on President Mandela's shoulders then when he had to forgive the ones who put him behind bars for 30 years and unite the country together in the midst of tackling other social issues like crime rates, employment and building of the economy.

Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon received multiple nominations for their roles in 'Invictus' and they truly deserve it. GO watch this show if you haven't, it can evoke so much emotions in you then you can imagine.

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  1. I really love this movie too when I watched it!


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