Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Special Issue Mook

Got my 2nd mook, courtesy of L again!!! Yeah and this time is 1 of my favourite cosmetic brand, Paul & Joe!!!

The designer for Paul & Joe is a cat lover like me!!

I love their special collections which come in cute pouches! Check out the cat lipsticks at the bottom left hand corner, I have 1 of those lipsticks. Lol.

I am not exactly a fashion follower but can't help but notice these scarves......... looks nice!

Now..... to my favourite section of the mook..... MAKEUP AND SKINCARE! Yeah!!!

Paul & Joe has very good primer and foundation. I am personally a lover of their moisturising foundation primer and Creamy Powder Compact Foundation. Makes my makeup stays on longer without the oily or cakey look. *thumbs up* 

The free bag that comes along with the mook. I must say it is a very good size (bigger than A4 size) and can be shoulder slinged. It's waterproof as well!! I can already imagine bringing this bag down to the beach (if I do go to the beach, hahaha).

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