Friday, February 11, 2011

The Green Hornet (2011)

If I am correct, the last 'The Green Hornet' show was starring the then alive and kicking Bruce Lee which was at least 40 years ago? Jay Chou has replaced Bruce Lee as the new-age Kato in this new movie 'The Green Hornet'!

The first comment I had about the show is that The Green Hornet should be Kato and not the spoilt brat, Britt Reid who is seriously full of crap, know nuts about strategy, martial arts and technology. Interestingly, Jay's english in the show is not so bad but I am sure he must have spent a lot of time trying to memorise his lines and pronouce them in english, given that sometimes when he speaks in mandarin (which is his first language), I feel he is mumbling, haha.

Overall, I think the pace of the story is quite well-paced and there are comical scenes in the show that lighten up the mood of the movie. However, I left the theatre with abit of confusion as I find Jay to be in the leading role and Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz to be only supporting roles. Other than that, the explosive actions and well-paced storyline managed to kept me focused at my seat.

Way to go, Jay Chou!

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