Monday, February 7, 2011

More MAC products!!

I have bought more stuffs AGAIN, hahah!!!! I feel like i am sooooo failing my 2011 resolution to not buy so many makeup stuffs..... hmmmmm.

Anyway, BC has given me a $100 budget for my CNY clothing and since I have intention to wear jeans (given that at some places, we might need to sleep on the floor), it is a very achieveable target. And true enough, after buying 2 tops from Isetan Scotts, I still have $33 left from the $100 budget. BC asked if I need to get anything else and the I immediately head down to MAC counter on level 1 of Isetan Scotts to look for stuffs, haha.

1 thing about MAC which I love is the wide variety of colour of texture of their products. It is impossible to NOT BE ABLE to find anything that you like, you just need more time to look at the colours and test the colours and texture. Price wise, I would say it is only slight more expensive than drugstore brand like Revlon or Loreal. MAC lipsticks cost $28 whereas Revlon or Loreal lipstick easily cost $19.90??? I would rather spend another $9 more if I can find a colour that I like (since colour variety of these drugstore products are very limited).

Anyway, I have been wanting to get this mineralise blusher called 'Warm Soul' for the longest time. Previously, an air stewardess friend offered to help me buy from DFS since she has some cabin discount or something but after almost 6 months, she still has not contacted me about my purchase and so I think it is just easier for me to not dwell on the few dollars of savings and just get it done myself (in any case, I don't think she is sincere in helping me getting it anyway). So while I was still hesitating and thinking whether to get Warm Soul (a more skin toned, sun kissed colour) or Gentle (more pinkish), I decided to ask the salesgirl there and she advised that if I would like something more natural, definitely Warm Soul. Ok, that's it! I have enough pink blushers at home already. Mineralise blush cost $37 and is $4 more expensive than normal blusher and even though it has exceeded my remaining budget allocated by BC by $4, I just act blur and got him to pick up the tab for me. Haha.

Couldn't resist the 20% discount at Watson and also got Kate DB eyeshadow. The texture is pretty pearly and easily blendable, quite a good buy in my opinion.

Then just 1 day before CNY eve, I bought another MAC product. I was thinking that CNY it would be better to look brighter and since I do not have any red lipstick, it might be a good idea to get one, hahahaha (EXCUSES!!!!). And so i stepped into MAC again (after dinner with Juju and BC) and started testing the colours. Had already settled on getting the shade 'House Wine' which is deep reddish brown and while waiting for payment at the cashier, I saw the Viva Glam lipsticks and lipglosses. This coral red lipstick named after the singer, Cyndi Lauper immediately caught my eye. Even without testing out the colour, I told the salesgirl that I am changing my mind about the lipstick and want this shade instead. Never regret my decision to change, even though it look bright and loud, when applied on my lips, it just bring out the natural colour of my lips and doesn't look tarty or loud at all. And it has a nice glossy finish which I love in my lipsticks.

The signature of Cyndi Lauper on the lipstick

A nice coral red coloured lipstick

The texture is smooth and the effect is glossy with enough colour on it. (since glossy lipsticks tend to be less 'pigmented')


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