Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So many many many..........

There are a few beauty blogs that I frequently view to see the latest range of products of major cosmetics brands and also to pick up some makeup skills here and there (this area is something which I have failed miserably as I do not think my makeup skills has improved). What really amazes me about these bloggers is that they always have the latest launched products! How the hell did they get them? Which brings me to the next question, how much money do they have exactly???? Most of these products are seriously not cheap and 3 items easily cost up to S$150 and they do not just have 3 items, it's like the full range!


  1. ger..they get free pdts cos this is advertisement for the companies when they review the pdts!

  2. then the companies can give me can??? i also can review. hahahaha


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