Monday, October 11, 2010

Yesterday, together with 700+ pairs of couple, my 2nd sister also had her ROM with her beau at The Legends. It was a small affair with only 30 immediate family members and good friends and happiness is beaming from the pores of my sister's face, hahaha. So happy for her but I was super paiseh because we were like 10 mins late because we met a crazy taxi driver who gave us so much problem just to drive us up to The Legend and EVERYONE was waiting for us to arrive so they can start the ceremony!!!! WTF!

You can see below for the formal email complaint that I lodged to ComfortDelgro this morning (we have actually called LTA and Comfort yesterday to complain over the phone and we also lodged a police report on this)

To whom it may concern,

Further to my complaint lodged over the telephone with an officer, Richard yesterday at around 1.45pm and telephone feedback to LTA, this is a formal written complaint that I am lodging against driver of CityCab Sonata SHC7496X.

My husband and myself flagged the above-mentioned taxi along Clementi Ave 5 (in front of a Shop n Save) yesterday at around 11.25am and informed the Chinese driver that our destination is The Legends at Fort Canning.

When the taxi reaches Fort Canning at around 1150am, the driver who is unfamiliar with the roads there was unable to find The Legends. As we were in a rush to attend a wedding ceremony starting at 12 noon, I asked him why is he not using the GPS map system that I know all Comfort and CityCab taxis have. He got frustrated with my question but did not reply.

Eventually, we found the entrance to The Legends and directed him in. However, he was hesitant to go in as we see some renovation going on. I requested for him to drive in and drop us at the entrance as it was already 12noon and the wedding ceremony is starting, he raised his voice at us claiming that he is trying to help us and I do not have to feel frustrated towards him. We asked him to stop the cab immediately near the entrance of The Legends and the taxi fare came to a total of $12. As I am already in a hurry, I placed 2 $10 notes on his armrest expecting $8 change. He turned to us and claimed that we threw money at him and he is not a beggar. He continued to raise his voice and shouted at us when we told him that we only wanted our change back. As he kept shouting at us, we had to raise our voice as well to get his attention. He turned aggressive by removing his seat belt and reached for things near his seat and we feared that he is looking for weapon to harm us, and we quickly got off the cab 1st ( taxi fare has not been made at this point in time because he was still shouting at us and not accepting our payment). He got off the cab as well and continued shouting at us and took pictures of me and my husband with his mobile phone. His behavior was very aggressive with the intention of getting into a fight with my husband. We decided that it would be safer for us to leave 1st even if we had not paid our fare as he was not willing to accept our payment. After walking away for 10 steps away from the driver, my husband turned and walked towards him with the 2 $10 notes and he eventually accepted the payment and gave us our $8 change. Before he left, he challenged us to lodge a complaint against him.Given his aggressive behaviour and him taking pictures of us using his mobile phone (which we do not know what he will do with the pictures) we have lodged a police report immediately after he left and followed up with a formal report and statement taking at Orchard police centre along Killiney Road after the wedding ceremony ended at around 2.15pm for our own safety.

Given the aggressive nature and unprofessional behaviour of the driver (shouting at customers even while we were paying our payment to him for his service and taking our pictures without our permission), we trust that your company will make immediate investigations on this driver and take necessary disciplinary actions against him to maintain the service quality of the drivers under ComfortDelgro.

I look forward to hearing from your company on the outcome of the investigation at 9xxx xxxx (my mobile number).

Best regards,
Ruby Chua

This driver is crazy, I tell you!!!!! BC was saying he must be having some ego problem thinking that he is 低声下气 being a taxi driver that's why he kept saying that we treat him as a beggar. Uncle, you not happy, don't drive ok????? Don't go along fucking people up when they are in a hurry and take people's picture ok???? *他妈的*

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