Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As we age and seen more shitting happening around, do we tend to 看开? Like we try to not be bothered by things or people even thought it is frustrating? In my short 1 month employment in the current company, my policy has always been to stay out of trouble and just lie low. But somehow, no matter what I do, 小人 who are everywhere will tend to come to you and irritate the shit out of you. Specifically 2 person in the company has fallen into this category, always bootlicking and trying to protray their capabilities in front of the bosses. My conclusion about this 2 person is they are YOUNG, both in age and mentally. Young that they want to climb the corporate ladder because they are driven but also scheming that they will do what they can to be seen as the most capable of the lot and perhaps backstabbing people in the process.

Well, I just want to do my job, get my pay and go home and rest and spend time with my family and cats, so I do not want to think too much about them. Yes, during the course of work, I still get frustrated and angry and that's because I am human. But at the end of the day, I will just let it go.......... I think I have reached enlightenment. Haha

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