Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remembered my posting last month on 'inspired' bags? I order the red Ashley from thepurseheaven and it has finally arrived!!! Gosh, I am a happy gal now!!!!!

I'm sorry that I am unable to show you how nicely wrapped this baby was when it arrived as I was like an excited kid who cannot wait to see my present and was furiously tearing the wrappings apart. Notice that the mirror tag was wrapped up to prevent scratches as well? The service of thepurseheaven is top-notched! I still remembered when I placed my order with them, I was asking like 1001 questions on this bag versus another bag and my emails were all promptly replied within 2 - 3 hours. When the bag arrived and was mailed out, I was also informed that the bag was mailed out and when I can expect to receive it! Good right?

I cannot describe how happy I am with this purchase. For $52, this is really a good buy. Not only the leather is nice and soft, it is definitely not those lower graded leather or whatever material that were used on bags sold in push carts or etc places.

The interior of the bag is lined with a suede material and it shows yet again the quality of the bag. It is roomy with multiple compartments

When I examined the zips, studs and stitches, they were all nicely done! I'm truly impressed!!

This is definitely not the last purchase I am getting from them and in fact a few designs on their website has already caught my eye!!!


  1. yah, online shopping can actually yield quite good buys at decent prices huh!:)

    i just bought a bag organizer! SUPER frustrated when my phone rings, and i can't find it!! and i think it's wayyy cheaper than retail (about 40%?).

    then again, looking at your nice new red bag - it seems to have many nice compartments, so probably you don't need it! :)

  2. how is the bag organiser? does it makes it easier for u now?

  3. hahaha..dunno yet - haven't got it yet! i think shd be in tmw's post!:)


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