Monday, July 19, 2010

BC FINALLY bought me a new vacuum cleaner!!!! He has been complaining about the sound coming from the cheapo Philip vacuum cleaner that we have been using for the past 3 years and claimed that the sound caused him to have headaches. Because of this, I am BANNED from using vacuum cleaner when he is at home and I will have to resort to using Magiclean floor wiper to pick up the dust, dirt and FURS on the week that my part time cleaner doesn't come over. I just don't find it clean enough because there will always be particles that Magiclean cannot pick up and only a vacuum cleaner can suck the stuffs away.

Anyway, I have been bugging him to buy the Rowenta vacuum cleaner that Charmaine recommeded and when we checked out Best Denki on Saturday, there was apparently an offer. Pay $339 for the vacuum cleaner and we get Rowenta's handheld vacuum cleaner that cost around $80 for free! I seriously thought it was a good deal but he still want to think about it as he claims that Rowenta doesn't seem established as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer and what happens if we cannot find the dustbag blah blah blah.

The next day, he suggested for us to go to Courts after church and breakfast to check out the vacuum cleaner again. This time round, the model of Rowenta vacuum cleaner that we were aiming DOES NOT have the free handheld vacuum cleaner promotion. But the sales assistant recommended this model from Electrolux that claims to be as quiet and given the established brand, there will be no way that we cannot find or buy their dustbags and hepa filter (although he mentioned that the hepa filter now is out of stock blah blah blah.........). Anyway, I vaguely remembered that this vacuum cleaner is slightly less than $400, I think it's $399 which is more expensive than the Rowenta one and no freebies, but since he prefers this for the established brand name and he is paying for it, WHO CARES! Hahaha.

This vacuum cleaner claims to be eco green as it is made up of 55% of recycled material (interesting but I hope that does not means the quality is compromised) and more energy efficient, and it is really quite quiet. It is also less tedious for me to vacuum the floor as the floor nozzle has wheels so it is much smoother to move it on the floor. Suction power seems decent considering that I am only using minimum power instead of adjusting it to moderate or maximum. Overall, it is definitely a good buy especially when I do not have to pay for it!


  1. oooooohhhh!!! congratulations!:) it's such a joy to have good appliances @ home hor!:)

    now u can vacuum more often! hahahahah.....

  2. hahaha, i will vacuum more if i can move my lazy ass!


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