Monday, July 5, 2010


Honestly, I was not exactly VERY VERY keen about watching this movie because from the book that I read, it is purely 90% romance and 10% action. Furthermore, I hate it that Bella is an indecisive, selfish who wants Edward and yet at the same time also not letting go on Jacob. Nonetheless, since BC was the one who told me that he wants to watch as he was deceived by the trailer showing the fight between the werewolves and the vampires and so I just went along, hahaha.

I only have 1 word for this movie, OVERHYPED. Harry Potter is WAYYYYYY better than Twilight. For readers who have read the book before watching the movie like me, the scenes were fragmented that does not have have any connecting explanations like why this scene happened after the previous. The movie was trying to show as much details as they can without explaining why is it this way or that. We left the theatre thinking this show was only ok and I have to answer BC's 1001 questions on why this happen and why that happen.

And 1 point to add, Jacob Black is WAYYYYYYYYY hotter (literally and figuratively) than Edward Cullen. I love it when he appears topless showing off his abs and healthy tan. Edward just look like another lovestruck puppy who cannot get 1 inch away from Bella which is just disgusting.

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