Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Koh Samui

Here's some pics of the Koh Samui trip that I had last week with my company. We were staying at Anantara Resort. Quite a cozy and comfortable resort and the staffs were extremely polite.

A pic of the room that I am sharing with my fellow colleague..........

Damn........ the bathroom actually have 'windows' that can slide open!!! Quite weird to shower with a colleague in the room because from outside the bathroom, you can see a silhouette of a person showering! This resort is definitely more appropriate for couples or family.

The balcony is wide and cozy with bench and table. Definitely a nice place to sit down and have a drink and chat. You will b doing a HUGE favour to the mosquitoes there as well, they have definitely been well-fed by some of my colleagues! Hahaha.

The swimming pool looks almost like an infinity pool that overlook the beach. Not a very big pool so don't bother about swiming laps. It's more of a fun pool for people to soak themselves in.

I thought the beach looks normal, water is not very clear but definitely better than East Coast Park! Sand is not very fine also.

A nice view of the beach in the evening as me and my 2 fellow colleagues grabbed a mug of beer at one of the bars there.

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  1. lovely room! though yah....not cool to have a colleague 'see' you bathing!!


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