Monday, July 12, 2010

Enjoyable Sat

Last weekend was an enjoyable one and we had a HUGE lunch at Empire State at Iluma. Since the opening of Iluma, we have yet to step into it and this is the day to step in!!!

We were real hungry when we reached and Empire State caught out eye with their extensive menu from salads to burgers to pizzas and pastas and not forgetting desserts. We did not know the serving size of the food served and end up over -ordering.... *burp*

The mascot of Empire State, a GORILLA

We started the meal with a buttersquash and pumpkin soup that is absolutely yummy. It's sweet and savoury with the right balance.

Next is seafood ring. It is basically seafood paste moulded into rings and deep-fried. The sweet and spicy sauce and ranch sauce that came with it really bring out the taste of the seafood rings. We completely love it!

1 of the main course that we shared is pepperoni pizza. This is only so-so as I find it a bit oily and there isn't enough pizza sauce on it. We only ate half of it.

The next main course that we shared is the beef burger. Topped with tomatoes, lettuces, pickles, mustard sauce and caramelised onions, this burger is huge and juicy. However, by now, we were both too full so we ended up having 1/2 burger uneaten *burp*

Look at the size of the burger........ it's only half a burger but placed on my plate, it's huge!
I have to say the service of the staffs there were great. They served us water shortly after we were seated and the food were served within 10mins one after another. This is definitely a place that we will go back again.

One of the slogan of Empire State that we saw on the back of the t-shirt of a waiter serving us was:-
I have not climbed to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!!!

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