Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Power of Black

I am not sure if you have the same problem as me but I have always struggled with getting the right shade of foundation for myself. I always ended up with a fairer than normal skintone or a darker than normal skintone after applying my foundation. BB creams does not really work for me as well. BB cream is supposed to match your natural skin tone by some blending and all but somehow or the other, it is still not fool proof for me. Sometimes it is ok, sometimes it is not, what is the problem????

Somehow or the other, I guessed the problem lies in the fundamentals. The bb cream or liquid foundation with powder that I am using now is just not correct for me thus I am always facing with this issue so I decided to go on a foundation shopping trip. I did my research online by searching the forums for comments posted but it is still 100% useful. Skin types and tones varies from individuals to individuals, I have to try it out on own skin to know which is for me.

I started by trying out the texture of the foundation on the back of my hand because given my combi skin, I need something light in texture that is easily blended and not too thick. Laneige and Lunasol failed this test while I was testing it out with J one afternoon after our lunch. Next we headed to Covermark counter and the liquid foundation that the salesgirl recommended was light and watery and passed the texture test. However, we noted that it left streaks of colour on the back of the hand...... looks kind of ugly.

Eventually, we landed at Bobbi Brown counter and a very friendly salesgirl approached me. Nice smile........ definitely scored some point there. I told her what I wanted: liquid foundation for combi skin with medium coverage. She sat me down as she looked for my shade among the testers. She brushed 2 shades of foundation on my cheeks (after removing my BB cream and loose powder) and taught me how to differentiate and identify which shade is for me. After brushing the shades on my cheek and letting them settle down, immediately 1 of the foundation became much yellower than when it first got brushed on and the other stayed on natural against my skin tone. The one that stayed natural against my skintone is THE ONE!

I requested for her to remove my WHOLE FACE makeup and apply on my whole face so that I can see better. She suggested to apply only half face so that I can see the difference between their foundation and loose powder versus what I am applying now and boy, the difference is quite obvious that even J said so! The side with Bobbi Brown is much smoother and natural while the side with my usual BB cream and loose powder looks flakey and fairer. Needless to say, I am totally sold and the salesgirl gladly helped me remove my BB cream on the other side and applied Bobbi Brown on my whole face.

Bought their liquid foundation (Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15) and loose powder (Sheer Finish Loose Powder) in the shade that she applied for me and I am so glad with my purchases. This has to be my answer to my foundation woes! THANK YOU BOBBI!!!

With the purchases topped up to $150, I received membership to the club and is entitled to 6 makeup lessons ranging from foundation to eyes makeup, brow management etc etc. At the end of the 6 makeup lessons, the member will be entitled to a free makeover or eyebrow trimming session. Of course I will go for the makeover!!! Lugi to go for eye brow trimming when it cost $15 whereas the makeover cost $80!!! Do your maths! And I can utilised the makover for Pearlyn's ROM in Oct, why not? :)

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