Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sex Education

Sex education has always been a taboo in my family when I was young and I remembered asking my mum where did my sisters and me come from and she always tell me a crane brought us here or we are picked up from rubbish bins! Even before my wedding, my mum TRIED to bring up the topic of sex to me in the most subtle way that I find it amusing, haha.

Anyway, that aside, I find parents in our generation is indeed more well-informed. My colleague went to Kinokuniya during lunch time to buy some books for her 3 year old daughter and included in her purchases is a book about human private parts! Take a look at some of the pictures in the book, it's cute and educational at the same time!

Cartoon characters are used to relate to children better

Different stages of how men and women will look like

Million dollar question, where do babies comes from!!! There is a page that shows the fertilization of the ovary by a sperm which I could not take picture of because more people are comming back from lunch.

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