Saturday, July 17, 2010

I realised I have a thing for dogs with stubby legs. Their short, fat legs just make them look so damn cute lor!!!

I super love Corgi that when I play Pet Pupz on Facebook, I also adopted a Corgi, haha. Why I like Corgi? Firstly, they are so cute lor!!!! I like the super, satellite-like ears and STUBBY legs. They are also loyal, family oriented and intelligent!. I can already imagine toilet training a Corgi for just ONE time and they can pee and poo at the right place, just like my 3 kitties, haha.

Dachshund breed also caught my eyes with their stubby legs, haha. And their flappy ears remind me of Goofy! When I googled on the characteristics of Dachshund breed, they are fun-loving and lively but do not do well with families with smaller children due to their jealousy streak.
I always asked BC can he imagine our house having a dog since we already have 3 kitties. His answer is always 'I want a Golden Retriever'. What the crap!!! Another person who is not answering my question (I am already facing a person who cannot answer my questions properly in office and now I have another one at home???) Anyway, back to the topic, I think it will be interesting to know how the kitties will react to a dog and I can already imagine Eden doing a 下马威 stunt to show the newcomer who's the boss, haha. Titus most likely will hiding behind washing machine and Simba......... hmm, maybe will be like Eden? Or maybe like Titus, I am unsure because he is a 外钢内柔, aka ah kua in a gangster's clothings! Hahaha. Simba is No. 1 when it comes to bullying Eden and especially Titus. However, when strangers come to our place, he tremble like an ah kua! BC's uncle, who saw Simba shivering away when he came to our house previously was laughing at him because Simba is just super no balls and damn timid.

But no worries, my friends, I am NOT intending to get a dog now, since 3 kitties are already a handful. EVENTUALLY, it did cross my mind to have a dog though, since I am still not for the idea of having children.

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