Thursday, July 8, 2010

I did a minor cleanup of my makeup drawers over the weekend to discard items that I do not think I will be using and have been sitting in the drawer for more than 3 years or so. I realise that for the past 3 years, I actually have not been putting on much makeup! Most items that I have discarded as I have not used them for for years were a few mineral pigments for eyes, 1 box of loose powder which I could not seem to finish over 5 years and some old old lipsticks.

Thinking back, my makeup routine has only been 2 way foundation, eyebrow and blusher, chop chop and ready in 5 mins!!!! But lately, I have been putting more!

1) BB cream
2) Loose powder
3) Eyebrow
4) Eyeshadow
5) Eyeliner (optional)
6) Mascara
7) Blusher

Good thing is this extended routine only took the max 15 mins, which is not too bad. Oh, and that includes styling my permed hair. Efficient right? I still have not incorporated lipstick or lipgloss into my makeup routine as I do not like things on my lips and also because my lips are quite pigmented that they already look like something is applied on them! :)

Anyway, after clearing out the stuffs that I don't want, I took some pics of my makeup stuffs with the intention of posting them on a forum (I know it sounds bo liao, but it is interesting to see the kind of stuffs that different people have in their makeup drawers!).

These are my eyeshadows, mascara and eyeliners.

These are my BB creams, loose powders, concealer and blushers

And this is my latest addition to my makeup drawer, KATE loose powder and eye palette!!!! It used to be only available at BHG Bugis but it is now launched at selected Watson outlets. On a separate note, do you know how tough it was for me to only choose and buy this 1 eye palette??? More caught my eyes with their nice colours but I have to control!
The super, duper, biggest advantage of working in town is the big Watson that is just below my office!!! That has to be my favourite playground and luckily I am a Watson member also, can clock points to offset against future purchases while I spend (ok, that sounds like some lame excuse for me to patronise Watson, haha, BUT at least there are some savings right???)

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