Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you Mr Koh

Mr Nice Guy of our office, CL is giving us a treat at Haagen Daz, courtesy of the redemption of credit card points. Typical of Mr Nice Guy, he is just so generous and nice to share the $60 Haagen Daz voucher with us (since he claims that he cannot eat SOOOO much ice cream all by himself also). Given it is a 'no government' day since bitch is on leave, our department self declared a tea break and head off to Wisma Haagen Daz for our ice cream, yeah!!!!

When we reached, we were also served with free sample of their new flavour, Caramel Biscuit & Cream ice cream. It's actually quite creamy with a slight tingy sweetness. However, 2 of my colleagues who are not used to having sweet stuffs find this flavour a bit sweet though.

Oh, it's just NICE & WONDERFUL to have no bitch in office to nag and nag and leave us in peace. AND, it's even BETTER that we are having ice cream for tea break!!!!

I had a double scoop ice cream in rum & raisin and choc & cookies! It's just yummy and for me who doesn't eat rum & raisin, I do not find the alcohol taste overpowering in anyway. In fact, I do not even taste any of the alcohol taste!


  1. this is life!!:) enjoying a nice tea break at haggen daz!

    i think generally their ice creams are all quite sweet, but there was this one particular one - chocolate chip icecream or something - that was FABULOUSLY good! nice, thick creamy and not too sweet! i 'kop' quite a bit of it from my husband!;)

  2. I agree their ice creams are sweet n creamy, that's y cannot eat too much at 1 go, will feel sick, hehe.

    My all time favorite is cookies n cream!


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