Friday, July 16, 2010

The most important meal of the day

BC and myself used to patronise the coffeeshop near our place for breakfast before work quite often like almost 4 times a week but after a while, we just got a bit sick of the same old food there. Not to mentioned that my bed snuggling bad habit is slowly creeping back thus by the time I am done preparing myself, we need to catch the bus so that I can reach office on time.

As an alternative when we do not have time for breakfast together, I would grab a bun from Breadtalk while walking from the bus stop to the office and the sausage bun is really good! Perhaps it was freshly baked and just taken out from the oven, thus the bun is nice, soft and fluffy and the sausage still taste a bit juicy. It definitely taste better from the sausage bun that I would have bought from Breadtalk in the evening!

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