Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I seriously think that I am getting old...... I am always feeling tired and having neckache and now, the muscle that makes my right thumb moves is actually aching as well!!! (from prolong usage of mouse).

Seriously, this is really WTF. I think people will be laughing their heads off if they know that I am having this 'thumb ache'. I know I have been complaining for the past month that I am BORED at work because I have nothing to do. But now, I am super busy!!!! Just burnt my public holiday and weekend last week on work and I am already zombie-fied. I go to work feeling tired like shit like I can just drop and fall asleep. Gosh, and our government actually think the retirement should be 62 or 65? I am only half the age now and i already feel like I am 70. Damn!

Ok, to give myself a pat on the back, I have started hitting the gym during lunch time, so perhaps my energy level will go up? I hope so......

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