Saturday, November 27, 2010

As Catholics, we are supposed to have an altar at home. Unlike altars in a Taoist or Buddhist family whereby offerings are made, a Catholic altar is more for us to pray. Not so much of offering our offerings but more like a sanctuary for us to have a peaceful mind to pray.

We have shifted in for about 4 years and we have not set up the altar because we just keep pushing it back. 2 weeks ago, my auntie who is also my godma told me that it's about time to get this done so that we can start 2011 afresh as well. So today she brought us to this shop along Queens St to get the altar, holy family statue, picture of sacred heart of Jesus and we also got a crucifix to hang outside our door. It felt good to get this matter done finally!!!! Once the stuffs are delivered and set up, we can finally invite our parish priest over to bless our house! Yeah!

After which was shopping with my parents n sis!!! Words can't describe how happy I am to spend time with them. :)

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