Sunday, November 21, 2010


It has been a while since we last spent some time in town on a weekend as it is constantly crowded in town. But this time round, we went in a goal in mind.... get ourselves a new wokpan and pillows (our CMI pillows which is only about 6 months old) is giving us too much sleeping problems.

Headed to Robinsons to search for suitable pillows and managed to find a decent Tefal wokpan. There are some discounts going on which suits our pocket (20% off for the pan and about 30% off for the pillows). We are officially about $230 poorer but came home with 2 firmer King Koil pillows and 1 Tefal wokpan (which once again I must emphasize it is not my choice!!!!).

So back to the main point of this posting, I am officially disappointed with Everything with Fries. I heard so much ravings about their food and was dying to try it out so we headed to their outlet at Orchard Central. BC ordered their char siew burger with sour cream fried and I had a bacon and omelette burger with garlic fries. Boy!!!!! Their food is damn salty!!!! BC managed to finish his burger only but I couldn't bring myself to finish my salty burger at all. Totally spoil our appetite in a way and we decided to just tabao the fries back. We highlighted the taste of the burgers to the person in charge while they were packing our fries and he was open to our feedback and told us he will look into it *pat on the back*. I hope for their own good sake that they can reduce the salt in their food but I don't think I will be back in the near future though.

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